Stone casting production
Protection against abrasive, temperature and chemical influences
Stone casting from the Unicom Group
UNICOM Group is one of the leading companies in the market for the development, manufacture of equipment and spare parts for the oil and gas industry. In 2020 our company celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over these years, the company has mastered the production of a wide range of products. We apply the most modern production technologies to obtain products of high quality and reliability.

In 2020, the stone casting shop of PZGO, a production facility with 55 years of experience in manufacturing stone casting products, became a part of the company.

Today UNICOM Group of Companies is the only Russian manufacturer of stone casting - a unique material with high indicators of wear resistance, heat resistance, resistance in chemically aggressive environments

Application areas of stone casting
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Main properties of stone casting
  • High abrasion resistance

    The wear resistance of stone castings far exceeds all steels, including manganese steel, cast irons, rubbers, plastics, and everything else.

  • High chemical resistance

    to most commercially used acids and alkalis, except hydrofluoric acid
  • Low thermal conductivity

    and low coefficient of linear expansion. Provides certain heat-insulating properties
  • Density is 2.7 times less than steel

    in addition to technical properties, the economic feasibility of its application is added
Heat-resistant casting
by its characteristics can withstand up to 800°C at least 40 heating-cooling cycles (and in fact, according to production data, this figure is 3-4 times higher). This distinguishes heat-resistant stone casting from most refractory materials. Having the above properties, stone casting has found wide application in industry.
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