Pipes lined with stone castings

The plant serially manufactures pipes lined with stone casting for their use in hydraulic and pneumatic transport of abrasive or chemically active materials (rocks, slag, ash, etc.) in pressure or gravity pipelines.

Installation of stone inserts made by: ТУ , supplied as separate products for on-site lining of process pipelines is performed in accordance with the methodological guidelines МУ 34-70-097-85.
The main parameters of the pipes are given in the table.
Length of stone liner L : Ø140 - Ø290 - up to 0,5m, Ø345 - Ø1170 - up to 1m.
Length of lined pipe L : TF159 - TF1220 - up to 11m.

Pipes are manufactured in eccentric and concentric versions.
Connection of pipes and connecting parts - by bandages, welded or free flanges.
Separate delivery of stone liners for pipe lining is possible.

Application of stone moulded lined pipes.

The efficiency of hydrotransportation is determined primarily by the coarseness of the transported materials, their abrasiveness, the possibility of achieving high concentrations and easy water removal. When increasing the concentration, for example, from 10 to 30 % for coal, the energy consumption alone decreases approximately twice, taking into account specific costs per 1 tonne of cargo. The degree of efficiency of moving materials of different coarseness by this type of transport can be judged roughly by the data typical for modern practice; the costs of moving the same amount of material of classes 0-0,5; 0,5-1; 1-3 and 10-70 mm per 1 ton-km are treated as 1 : 2 : 3,5 : 10. It should be taken into account that technological transport is finally evaluated according to the main technical and economic indicators of production.
The greatest abrasive wear in hydraulic transport pipelines occurs at bends. Therefore, it is especially important to use wear-resistant stone castings for bends, tees and crosses, as well as at the point of constriction at the transition from one diameter to another.

Pipe lining with stone casting for hydrotransportation is applied - polymer, slag-stone and stone casting.

All these types of lining increase the service life of the pipeline and increase the period between repairs.

Stone linings have advantages over other types of linings:

  • Best durability. (Reduced costs in the operation of the pipeline route);
  • Lowest resistance to the transported material.(Minimal energy consumption during operation of the sludge and ash removal system. Increased service life of pumping equipment.);
  • Low price in comparison with expensive imported liners;
  • Low cost of works during installation of pipeline systems and their further maintenance.
The pipes are manufactured in eccentric and concentric versions.

The length of manufactured pipes is up to 11 metres.

Pipes and connecting parts are connected by bandages and flanges.
Stone liners for pipe lining can be supplied separately.
Minor modifications in fittings designs are possible in accordance with the customer's wishes.
Tees, bends and crosses are manufactured directly at the customer's request, with the required dimensions and parameters.

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