Acid refractory powder

Acid-resistant powder by ТУ

Powder is a material,
made by grinding in a stone casting ball mill. Powder is one of the main parts of acid-resistant solution used for lining of equipment operating in chemically aggressive conditions (galvanic, pickling baths, electrolysers, floors of chemical shops, gas vent pipes, lining of scrubbers at thermal power plants, etc.), laying of protective acid-resistant stone or ceramic tiles, sealing of joints and lining of various channels, pipes, etc.
These products have proven themselves at the enterprises of metallurgical, chemical and pulp and paper industries, energy sector such as Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, Angarsk Petrochemical Company, Sterlitamak Soda JSC, Ural Steel PJSC, Pervouralsk Novotrubny Plant, Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant, Volgograd Kaustik JSC, Galopolimer JSC, OJSC Sinarsky Pipe Plant, Kamsky Pulp and Paper Mill, OJSC Uralelectromed, OJSC Solikamskbumprom, OJSC Buguruslansky OJSC Radiator, Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant, Magnitogorsk Metizno-Metallurgical Plant, Kazzinc, Solikamsk Magnesium Plant, Kuibyshev Oil Refinery, Tomsk Petrochemical Plant, Sverdlovenergo, Sakhalinenergo, Orenburgenergo, Irkutskenergo and many others.
Volume weight of acid refractory powder - 1500 - 1700 kg/m3,
Humidity - not more than 0.2%.
Acid Resistance:
  • in sulphuric acid H2SO4 (concentrated) not less than 97%,
  • in hydrochloric acid HCl not less than 85%,
  • in acetic acid SNZCOOH not less than 97%,
  • in nitric acid HNOZ not less than 95%,
  • in phosphoric acid H3PO4 not less than 94%.
The powder is packed in five-layer paper bags of 50 kg or in containers of 1 tonne.

Acid-resistant concrete, which is based on this powder, is widely used in the construction of building structures exposed to aggressive environments.
Composition of acid-resistant putty:
  • Acid refractory powder 100 weight parts;
  • Sodium silicofluoride 5-6 weight parts;
  • Liquid sodium glass 37,5 - 45,0 weight parts.
In order to order and buy acid refractory powder, you can contact our sales department and we will offer the most suitable manufacturing variant for you and calculate its cost.

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