Welding Flux - granulated powder for protection against ambient air exposure

The main purpose of welding flux in arc welding is to protect the arc and the weld pool from the ambient air. It also provides metallurgical treatment of the weld pool.

Flux is a granulated powder with grain sizes from 0.2 to 4 mm, is fed into the zone of arc combustion during welding or surfacing. This method of welding or surfacing significantly increases thermal efficiency due to the flux covering the wire. It can also be said about the high melting capacity of the metal compared to other methods.

Application of welding flux.

These welding and surfacing methods are found in many areas of mechanical engineering, repair and construction due to their high productivity. High-performance flux-cored welding or surfacing is distinguished from all others by: continuity, reliability and relatively short welding/fusion times.

Flux cladding.

One of the most important components in the repair of worn parts is surfacing. It makes it cheaper to repair the failed mechanism. Worn parts, such as shafts, coupling halves, pins of various types and thicknesses, etc., are clad with welding wire and flux and then ground to the required size.

Welding flux AN-348.

Different fluxes are used for different grades and types of steel.
Welding flux AN-348 is used for automatic and semi-automatic welding/fusion. Suitable for surfacing of carbon, low-alloy and unalloyed steel grades.
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