Sump pits lined with stone castings

Protecting the inner surface of sump tanks with wear-resistant stone castings multiplies the time between repairs of this equipment, which leads to significant savings in material and labour costs and reduces losses due to downtime.

SOMFP is a technological tank, which is applied as a rule for accumulation of water collection and used mainly for reception of hydraulic mixtures. SOMFPs are widely used in flotation lines of ferrous and non-ferrous metal ores, mining and chemical raw materials, as well as in the beneficiation plant when draining pulp from mills.
UNICOM LLC designs and manufactures process vessels ZUMPF of various dimensions and volumes according to the customer's technical specifications. The main stages of designing, manufacturing and lining of ZUMFPs at our enterprise:
Stage I
We receive from our customers a technical specification for the production of a process vessel SUMPF. Based on the terms of reference (TOR), we select the most suitable variants of sump tanks that have already been manufactured in our factory. In case our technological solutions fulfil the requirements of the terms of reference (TOR), we start the manufacturing process. If necessary, we design or modify the technical documentation to meet the requirements of the terms of reference (ToR).
Stage II
The process of manufacturing of technological tanks of SUMFPs begins, which includes purchasing and cutting of material, assembly, welding, locksmithing works on manufacturing of SUMFPs. All structural elements are shot-blasted. On the presented photos you will be able to see all stages of manufacturing of this equipment
Stage III
We produce lining of ZUMPFs with stone components - tiles, liners, chutes and non-standard shaped products.
Stage IV
The final stage of manufacturing of ZUMPF process vessels is painting, leak test, packing and shipment of the equipment to the Customer. To perform these works we have the necessary professional equipment and control tools. The equipment is shipped to any region of our country and to countries both near and far abroad.
We are able to manufacture various technological equipment for processing plants, mining, metallurgical and chemical industries. In the sections of our website you can familiarise yourself with various types of equipment manufactured by our company. Design solutions fully reflect our approach to manufacturing of equipment with application of new technologies to increase the service life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs during further operation.
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