Lining of non-standard equipment

Non-standard stone slabs are cast in small batches or individually, used independently or in combination with standard slabs.

Dimensions - from 100*100*20 mm to 1000*1000*100 mm

Thanks to the availability of water cutting equipment, our company has the ability to manufacture linings of ANY non-standard geometric shape with fluting and holes.

Reinforcement - it is possible to use any reinforcing and embedded elements
It is possible to manufacture according to drawings and technical requirements of the customer
Examples of non-standard products with stone casting lining
Tiles for sludge sump lining
Throat + Confuser
Sand nozzle
Reinforced stone tubing
Lining the gas duct adapter with stone tiles
Tile for lining the feed sump of a heavy-medium gyrocyclone
Tiles for lining the CW sump of the shallow section
Sand nozzle
The lining of non-standard equipment is manufactured directly at the customer's request, with the dimensions and parameters required by the customer.

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