Prefabricated stone gutters

As a protective lining of hydraulic ash removal and bottom ash removal channels are used stone-lined prefabricated collapsible chutes, shaped plates of chute channels, manufactured in accordance with TU Gutters have found application in power engineering. Due to their small size and weight prefabricated stone-cast gutters are very convenient for installation, especially if there are no lifting mechanisms at the construction site or other place of channel lining works.
Table of sizes of manufactured prefabricated gutters
The U type stone chute is a lightweight version of the GI type chute, characterised by reduced wall thickness, length. This stone chute has proven itself in the chemical industry. In addition, the use of this stone chute in some cases is possible instead of the GI type, but with a change in the channel design.
In order to order and buy prefabricated stone chutes, you can contact our sales department and we will offer you the most suitable variant of manufacturing and calculate its cost.

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