Venturi pipes lined with stone castings

Venturi pipes are widely used in flue gas cleaning systems.
Structurally, a Venturi pipe includes a throat, diffuser, confuser and nozzles for irrigated liquid supply.

Venturi pipe lining with stone casting allows to avoid the use of stainless materials in the construction and significantly increase the service life of the pipe.
Methods of protecting pipes with stone castings:
  • stone tile lining;
  • pouring with monolithic molten stone casting using the pipe-in-pipe method;
  • combined method.
Venturi pipes are manufactured in any configuration in accordance with the customer's requirements or the design organisation's specifications.
Venturi pipe consists of inlet cone of confuser (2), throat (3) and diffuser (4). To equalise the pressure at the periphery, the neck and the inlet cone have annular averaging chambers (1), in the lower part of which liquid drainage devices are installed. If the final diameter of the diffuser is less than the pipeline diameter, the pipe is called short, if it is equal - long. The branches from the pipe are connected to a differential pressure gauge.

High-speed gas washers are mainly used for cleaning gases from micron and submicron dust. The principle of operation of these devices is based on intensive crushing by gas flow moving at high speed (usually about 60...150 m/s, but can reach up to 430 m/s), the irrigated liquid. Deposition of dust particles on liquid droplets is favoured by the turbulence of the gas flow and high relative velocities between the captured dust particles and droplets.

The most common apparatus of this class is the Venturi scrubber, which is the most efficient of the wet dust collectors used in industry. The main part of the Venturi scrubber, in order to reduce hydraulic losses, is made in the form of a Venturi tube.
In order to order and buy Venturi pipes lined with stone casting, you can contact our sales department and we will offer the most suitable variant of manufacturing and calculate its cost.

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