Stone-cast slab

Heat-resistant cast stone slabs are used for lining equipment operating at elevated temperatures of up to 700o C, whereby the slab can withstand repeated sharp temperature changes without breaking. The condition for this is the low coefficient of thermal expansion of the heat-resistant stone material.

An example of the use of a stonelite slab: lining of the coke oven ramp with heat-resistant plates manufactured by UNICOM.
Heat-resistant stone slabs are lined with heat-resistant stone slabs:
  • in coke-chemical production charge hoppers, feeders, feeders, leaks, chutes, coke ramps;
  • gas cleaning systems.
For many years heat-resistant slabs 300x300x40 or 400x300x40 have been used for lining of coke-oven ramps of coke-chemical industry enterprises of the USSR and then CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In contrast to the plates of other manufacturers, the service life is many times and orders of magnitude longer.
Benefits of use:
  • low cost;
  • better ramp release, which has an impact on increased product yield;
  • increased frost resistance for operation in harsh weather conditions;
  • no moisture absorption, which is especially important when extinguishing coke with water;
  • convenient installation on the coke ramp;
  • reduces the temperature impact on the elements of the ramp construction and increases the service life of the ramp itself.
In addition to material savings, the coke run-off from the ramp is significantly improved when lined with such stone slabs. Service life of ramp lining when using heat-resistant slabs produced by UNICOM increases from 1-3 to 10-18 years.

Wear-resistant slabs are designed for protection against abrasive wear and impact of aggressive media of equipment, structures and pipelines of hydraulic and pneumatic transport.
Wear-resistant stone slabs are used for lining:
  • in mining and processing: hoppers, leaks, chutes, feeders, hydrocyclones, slurry and sludge pipelines;
  • in metallurgy: hoppers, leaks, cyclones, descaling chutes, tanks for aggressive liquids, floors of pickling departments;
  • in power engineering: gas ducts, dust separators, cyclones, ash collectors, ash removal ducts, GZU ducts.
They are used as protective coatings for equipment exposed to abrasive wear and tear, various chemical reaction components, temperature fluctuations, as well as for flooring in buildings and structures.
Wear-resistant stone slab
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